Free Ebooks From Sebco Books

Need some free ebooks? We’ve been given permission by Sebco Books to give you access to free ebooks on their website during this time when we’re all stuck at home. I tried it on my Ipad and it worked great! It will work on your computer, laptop and even smartphone, though it would be pretty tiny on that. There are a lot of kids’ books and a few for other ages, too. Instructions: Go to then look for the red box in the lower left corner, Bridge The School-Home & Library Home Gap! Click on the box and you will be taken to a Login page. The Login is Keepreading (no space), then the Password is sebco Click LOG IN. The next page asks for a student ID number, which is 1 Click LOG IN again and you should be in. If you have questions, call us at 620-376-4801 for help. Happy reading!