End of Summer, Begin Fall

School has begun in Greeley County! Our days are sometimes a bit quieter, as our computer game players are in class now. We are starting to have some class visits, and those are always fun. For those, we read stories, provide some educational activities, do some crafting, and, of course, check out books! Even the older kids seem to enjoy the read-alouds.

If it has been a while since you have seen the inside of the library, some things are looking a little different. Our new carpet is now all installed throughout the library. We have repainted several walls , and in the Children’s Room have added to our Wild Things. The library is nice and bright with our new LED light fixtures. We are changing the way our children’s books are shelved to Picture Book City. We have some of the “neighborhoods” of books now living in movable book carts. Kids seem to like the new carts, which allow them to see the pictures on the books as they are browsing.

Come see us, we’d love to show you around!